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The polo for your active life

merino wool polo shirt


Unparalleled elegance and comfort

How great to be elegant on your bike at the office or in meetings. We have designed this polo shirt with your active life in mind, without sweat, stains, or smells.

Designed in France, made in Europe.

We imagined and designed this polo shirt in Paris in collaboration with a French manufacturer who manufactures in Portugal.

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The blue polo shirt and the burgundy polo shirt are on pre-order on the Ulule platform

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Their testimonies speak for themselves

Remarkable finish. You can see that this polo shirt is of very high quality.

Yves M.
Nancy, France

This polo shirt is featherlight yet "heavy" and thick enough to give an excellent fit. A nice corporate polo shirt to go to the office.

Philippe R.
Rueil-Malmaison, France

Burgundy or blue, I can't choose! But what an outfit! And the back pocket is so convenient.

Pierre P.
Genève, Suisse

I'm going to get some for the staff at the office, they are beautiful and comfortable, it will make an elegant and casual outfit.

Olivier A.
Paris, France


Thought for your daily journeys

We designed this cardigan for everyday use, with a large back pocket, a large shawl collar that goes up to the neck, and reversible cuffs for excellent visibility.

A lot of merino wool

900g of Extrafine Wool to provide warmth and freshness when you need it, all odorless after effort. Incredible no!

Designed in France, made in Europe.

We imagined and designed this cardigan in Paris in collaboration with a French manufacturer who manufactures in Portugal.

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What they're saying is astounding

The Cardigan combined with the polo shirt were enough for a cold january afternoon. I can't wait to wear mine.

Édouard D.
Paris, France

The cardigan is beautiful, the finish is excellent and what an outfit! Extra!

Jad J.
Paris, France

The blue color of this cardigan is really trendy. When will you do it for women?

Hakima D.
Tunis, Tunisie

Well done, Geoffrey. I'm very interested in your project. It's precisely what I believe in.

Ludovic M.
Nancy, France

Elegance and comfort
for urban cyclists

We design, develop and produce elegant and comfortable clothing for everyday cycling.

Forget the tight yellow and white lycra outfit. Cycling is no longer just for track cyclists. However, we have come up with specific equipment to facilitate your use on any occasion.

We believe that cycling should combine elegance and comfort. This is possible with a meticulous choice of textiles and a design that is adapted to help wick away sweat and eliminate odors while keeping you dry.

Fausse Route : timeless and casual chic.

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Lots of merino wool

We are preparing a collection of 100% merino wool clothing articles because we believe it is crucial to combine performance with eco-responsibility.

This specific wool has the triple advantage of being elegant, high performance, and natural.

In the life cycle of our products, merino wool plays a fundamental role because it is produced at an annual shearing rate and is recycled by merely returning to the earth.

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Launching a garment brand during containment, not simple

10 April 2020 - I was in the starting blocks and then... containment. How can I do that when I can't get out, or almost out, to move the Fausse Route project forward?

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