All about the short-sleeved polo shirt 100% merino wool

The polo for your active life

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The blue polo shirt and the burgundy polo shirt are on pre-order on the Ulule platform

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"Le" Polo

This short-sleeved polo shirt has been designed for your active life. Its curved lines, slightly longer back, and large back pocket give it an unprecedented look.

Whether you are riding your bike or not, this polo shirt will keep you dry and elegant. With your bag of essentials for a business meeting or your cycling shoes on, your bags, and a water bottle in your hand, you'll be discreet for a luxurious bicycle ride.


100% merino wool Extrafine 19.5 microns
Wool from Australia
Italian Thread
Made in Portugal
Weight: 245g
Back pocket

Elegant and comfortable

Whether you're on your way to the office, for a client meeting or a business lunch, this polo shirt will keep you warm when it's cold and fresh when it's hot. Thanks to the exceptional structure of the merino wool fibers, your polo shirt will always be dry, warm, wrinkle-free, and, most importantly, odorless. You will always be ready and focused on the most important thing.


Merino wool is naturally breathable. Its fibres are capable of absorbing a large amount of moisture and wicking it away, making wool clothing more comfortable and less sticky than clothing made of other fibers.


The wool's complex chemical structure allows it to absorb and trap odours within the fibres and then wash them away.


Because we want to offer you an item of clothing to be worn on all occasions and all year round, we have imagined it to be as timeless as possible. Our objective is also not to impose the rhythm of the half-yearly collections.

Warm and cool

In hot, dry weather, wool cools the skin by wicking away moisture and allowing it to evaporate. In cold weather the wool fibers trap air pockets, insulating your skin from the cold environment and helping to keep your body warm.


245g of merino wool gives this polo shirt a remarkable fit. The fineness of its Italian Extrafine 19.5 micron threads are extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear this polo shirt with a le Cardigan, chinos or jeans and if necessary a parka or trench coat.

Easy maintenance and
stain resistant

Merino wool naturally repels dirt and odors with its antibacterial properties. Merino wool garments require less washing than other fibres, it is even recommended to lay them outdoors at night.


The back pocket

It's so handy, you'll wonder how you did it before. Our smartphones and cardholders are getting bigger and bigger for our trouser pockets, and now there’s finally a stylish solution to have them on us. Now on a bike, you won’t be uncomfortable with full trouser pockets.

The large back pocket can hold your smartphone, keys and a cardholder... at the very least.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it made in France ?

Our polo shirt is developed in Suresnes, France, in collaboration with a French company that produces in its factory near Braga. Portugal. The manufacturing is not French. But our polo shirt is definitely European.

Where does the wool come from ?

The wool is of Australian origin, it is an extra fine merino sheep's wool 19.5 microns. The threads are woven in Italy.

How to wash the polo shirt ?

You can wash it in the washing machine but in a wool/silk program at 30⁰ C. Do not spin dry in the machine. Do not use a tumble dryer. Simply lay your cardigan flat on a terry towel. Merino wool dries very quickly.

What to wear it with ?

This polo shirt is elegantly worn under our notre Cardigan. The two go together perfectly and give you even more softness and warmth. Dressed in "multilayer," the merino wool is all the more efficient because the transfer of moisture is facilitated.

Pre-order is open

The blue polo shirt and the burgundy polo shirt are on pre-order on the Ulule platform

Pre-order now

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